Hello Bill, Greeting from Winnipeg. Just a quick note to tell you I just finished reading your book “From Miles to Millions” and to say how much I enjoyed it. Captain Darryl Danner

Darryl Danner

What a wonderful read.  Knowing the author makes it a ‘living’ book and I found it hard to put down.  With a personal interest in aviation and my day job with small business and entrepreneurs, I identified with so many of your observations and learnings but felt humbled by what you have accomplished and experienced in your lifetime.  I firmly believe many of today’s budding entrepreneurs would benefit from reading your book.  It would be most aspirational for them.  William Lockington

Bill Lockington

Meet Bill Grenier, a captain not only of jumbo jets but also of finance, who wore both hats with equal panache and succeeded brilliantly in both of these demanding milieux with his secret recipe of skill, discipline, prudence — and luck.This delightful memoir ranges from nail-biting aviation exploits (hence “miles”) to nail-biting business adventures (hence “millions”). In his dual captainship, Bill proved his mettle at the helm of airliners as well of corporations. He is a great story teller as well. His narrative is both captivating and occasionally, very funny. It seems there are many more great stories out there that haven’t been told yet. Lucky for us, Bill told his.      Raymond Rosenkranz Ph.D. and pilot.


I did receive your book. Well you scoundrel, you got me hooked! I did poke around it for and hour or so, and then got so fascinated I went back to the beginning and read the first 200 pages!   It's fun, engaging, well written.The idea of starting with the three stories and then getting into your early life was quite clever. Your first story with the double cockpit crises had its tension even though I knew you would have worked through it, but in telling the story you were able to describe a lot of what a commercial pilot goes through in carrying out his job, and that made it very interesting for me.   The second anecdote, the repo one was a real hoot! (I've retold it a few times since reading it.) The Mascan affair, was interesting to read in detail and of course reflected that other non-pilot life of yours that that had been emerging in your life for a while.Your style is fluid and pulls one along easily.   Ken Powell, Author of Reflections, an autobiography of Kenneth Pearce Powell

Ken Powell

Enjoying your book.  And thinking of the many hundreds of hours that I sat by your side in The Mighty Eight. It was an honour, every minute. Warmest Regards, Scott

Scott Jackson

Dear Bill, I had the opportunity to read your book on my vacation to Antigua, It was a fun read, thanks very much. Fredrick S.Eaton, O.C., O.ONT.

Fredrick S. Eaton

HI Bill:  My Wife wouldn't let me start reading your book until Dec.25 as it was a Christmas present so, I got a late start. When I started the read I could hardly put it down. At about the three-quarters mark I realized this excellent book would soon be over so I slowed down and paced myself. I finally finished just minutes ago and want to say that you have produced a masterpiece.Thank-you. Bill Huxley, private pilot.

Bill Huxley

Bill, I just finished reading your book. I wanted to jot a note and tell you that I really enjoyed it, it was a delight to read. Congratulations on your book. Happy landings, Chris Evans, Pilot.

Chris Evans

Just finished your book. What a great read! Now we come to the mystery. Why was C-FUNK in Hamilton and what did we do to it? I can picture the a/c and I certainly remember the registration, but for the life on me I can't remember what we did to the a/c. Now that was 30 odd years ago so you may not remember either, but if you do I would appreciate a brief update. Bob Mann (A/E mechanic who worked in Hamilton when the second Funk was imported) Note response on Blog.

Bob Mann

Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed your book.Had trouble putting it down at times! Thanks for a great read! Marty. Pilot and aircraft builder.

Marty Slater

"Loved your book. The energy that jumped off each page revealed that you have already lived the life of 10 men. It was a relaxing read, though very inspiring. Waiting to hear about your next book". Pam.

Pam Nemeny, Australia

HI Bill, I absolutely loved your book, very beautiful, very much enjoyed; write another one!

Capt. Bryan Dixon (retired)

I received the book in excellent condition and found it to be an outstanding read. I went through the first 480 pages in a few days and enjoyed every minute of your story. Finally I was very impressed by the integrity you showed in all of your business affairs. Congratulations on your success and may good fortune continue to follow you. Duff

Captain Duffy Dwyer

I just returned from a week off in Hawaii. I was saving your book to take with me and read while I was there,..... I must say I enjoyed it thoroughly, to the point that I could not put it down at times!! The two topics (real estate and flying) hit the mark for me as well.

Tyler Aviation, Tyler Gertzen, Kamloops BC

Just finished reading "miles to millions". > I know a fair amount about flying but very little about real estate developing.  I found every chapter interesting and most enjoyable.  Well done, Bill. >

Captain Jack Chambers, AC, retired.

Very " readable" and interesting from beginning to finish. So much fun in this narrative. I enjoyed and rejoiced in the antics and accomplishments of the young pilot who became more successful than he ever dared dream.  You are a true story teller,  Bill.   Lorene.

Lorene Chambers

Bill, in my retired years, reading seems to be consumed by student papers and related professional material.  Your book is way more interesting. The lens I bring to reading your book is one of leadership, an area of some expertise and passion.  As you can imagine, the opening story of Bill sitting in the Captain’s chair, making life and death decisions about crew and passengers caught my interest, but for me it was all about the leadership and not the aviation skills that made it heart pounding. The book is truly a leadership story about a character that literature defines as a heroic leader.  Not heroic in the traditional sense of the word, but rather in terms of strength of character, work ethic, risk taking, reward orientation, and organizational impact.  It is a great leadership read! Dr.Andy Scott

Andy Scott PH.D

Hi Bill, The book arrived in fine condition and on time, thank you. It is brilliant and should be required reading for every student pilot that has had the  desire to fly. It is an inspiration for all of us to tell our own story.

Best regards, Rick Found (Capt. ret, Air Canada)

Captain Rick Found

Hi Bill I thoroughly enjoyed your book.  Let alone the excellent content, it was a memory catalyst for some of my own experiences long since forgotten.  I enjoyed my time flying with you.  You are no doubt responsible for some of my professional shaping which is good or bad depending on whom you speak with. I am very proud of your accomplishments. You have moved the profession up a notch.  I really do marvel at what you have done with your life.  Well done!  All the best,Gord=

Captain Gord Price

I am sleep deprived. Could not put it down until finished. Well done.

Captain Fred Thompson