Sharon and I just returned from Normandy and the Juno beach area where the Canadians landed on D-Day.  Very moving to walk amongst the graves in the Canadian cemetery and see the ages of the fallen–18-19-22 etc.   The museum there is very good and has been financed by private donations I am told, with little or nothing funded by our Government.  The other memorials are also very good but the enormity of the commitment on that day so many years ago makes one shudder.  Watching some of the newsreels, standing in a crowd of people, is another memorable event; the silence of the viewers at the end of the 20 minute film is surreal. You can read the emotion in the eyes and almost hear the inner voices saying ” I hope this never happens again”  And, I might add, what could only be a silent prayer of the group…”.and not to me”. Based on what is happening around the world today, that seems like faint hope. We never learn.


The expertise shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.


    Irene, thank you for your comment. Bill

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